Appreciation (Testimonials)

Ginna about her Sacred Tattoo Journey:
“Before meeting Elena, I thought my tattooing days were behind me. I had two pieces on my back that represented important experiences in my life, but for the most part, I felt I had moved on. Then one day I observed a lovely woman sketching in a cafe in a small Andean village. I was drawn to the elegant fine lines and emotion that poured out of her work. When I learned she intended to tattoo the image onto a mutual friend I was even more intrigued, so she sent me a long questionnaire to explore my intentions regarding this desire to create a lasting image on my body.

It took me months to answer, as the questions truly prompted the beginning of a deep soul journey. I wanted to find a way to honor my body, specifically my beautifully twisted spine that had caused me so much discomfort and even shame, and yet led me to find ways of transcending these and helping others to do the same. I needed to acknowledge my reclaimed connection with mother earth, after many years of forgetting we are one. And I felt drawn to fully embrace my kundalini serpent energy, even though its power still scared me a bit.

Once I communicated these things to Elena, we co-created a design that would connect the two existing tattoos on my back. It a was process that took time to unfold, but it also helped me to understand better all of the elements that needed to be present, and how much patience, skill, and love it takes for the artist to capture the spirit of the person receiving the tattoo.

The actual inking took us both even deeper. It was truly like a shamanic journey. We created sacred space, preparing ourselves and the room by incorporating aromatherapy, sound healing, meditation, conscious touch, and movement before, during, and after each session, as these things are all very important to me. In many ways, she played the role of a midwife, assisting me to go deeply into the sensations without resistance and honoring my courage and willingness to stay present.

We have had three sessions together so far, and I know we will have many more, as the journey keeps unfolding, revealing new aspects of healing for both of us. Elena is so much more than a tattoo artist. She is a visionary, a gifted healer, and now a dear friend. Her offering is not for everyone…you must be ready to be vulnerable and brave and honor her commitment to this sacred work. But if you choose to do so, you will be forever changed…and blessed.”

~ Ginna Grace, November 3, 2015



Dorothy about the Sacred Dream Journey:
“Elena is an amazing facilitator.  When I signed up for my spirit journey, I had no idea what I was in for.  Elena is a gentle spirit and creates a very safe space for self-exploration and discovery.  She helped me to interpret my journey, which was very helpful.  I did not see the themes that she so easily identified.  Her warm encouragement and loving energy helped me to really relax and allow for things to happen.  After I had had some time to process the event, I realized that I had found a rather large piece of myself that was missing before. I am a more complete person, and as a result, more confident and competent.  I have more faith in the Universe and more appreciation for life, art and beauty.  I am sure that each person’s journey is going to be a very individual experience, but I am also quite sure that Elena has a very special ability to help her clients to open up, discover, explore, understand and reintegrate to previously unknown pieces of themselves.  She helped me reconnect with myself and for that I am truly grateful. As life is a journey, I am sure it’s not over and I look forward to exploring more with her as more of life unfolds.  The safety and warmth that she emanates is like sunshine.  It’s wonderful to bask in and time itself changes.  If you are curious as to what you have to gain – I suggest you give it a try!  I think you’ll be glad that you did.”

~Dorothy Pang, L.Ac. , Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist,



Kimberly about the Sacred Dream Journey:
“Working with Elena was a dream come true! (Pun totally intended! Ha!) Okay, okay. Seriously, she helped me see that I wanted to completely change the direction my business was heading. With her guidance, I saw how I could incorporate my previous career as a photographer – a domain that I am still so passionate about – into the work I do now as a Success Mentor. I’ve always made it a point to love what I do, but now I love it and I’m flipping jazzed to be doing it. Going to work is like waking up Christmas morning. I’m not kidding. It was fun. It was deep. It was easy. I am now anchored to my dream life, and I have total clarity on how to live it (not achieve it, live it). Thank you, Elena, for putting me back in touch with Me.”

~Kimberly Lin Pollard , Troll Tamer & Success Mentor,



Sarah about the Sacred Dream Journey:
“I felt incredibly comfortable with Elena as my guide through the dreaming process. I’m often someone who is cautious with my words to speak aloud, and yet the energetic space that Elena holds is profoundly safe. I found myself able to unfold into the dream with readiness, ease and felt completely protected and safe to do so. Sometimes the dream took me to places where I felt discomfort rising in myself. Although there were painful points that I was exploring, because Elena is so incredibly present as guide and witness, I was able to stay with this painful emotion, move through it and eventually receive the lesson and the gift from it. The topics that came up during the dreaming were familiar. I’ve had two themes that have surfaced continually in my awareness for a very long time, years and years. Finally, because the space was held by Elena so beautifully, I could really be with the discomfort for long enough that my spirit could say YES and acknowledge it. The process made me feel that I was acknowledged on a soul level. It allowed me to really then step into my choice of a new way of being and understanding. With the acknowledgement came deep relief. Working with Elena taught me something very important. The power of being acknowledged can be a big catalyst to deep growth and change. To dream with Elena is to be part of a ceremony, a rite of passage. It is something that marks a soul’s journey from one stage to the next. My soul will remember this dreaming and watching myself make choices that affirmed the calling of my higher self. My spirit as a result is lighter and infused with deeper peace and a profound sense of “all is well.” I would whole heartedly recommend dreaming with Elena . to anyone who knows that they are at a stepping stone or transition point in their life that deserves to be honoured. . to anyone who is struggling to move through a limiting belief . to anyone who needs to reconnect with the voice of their higher self . to anyone who has doubt that their intuition is guiding them well I say: Let yourself be witnessed and honoured through the dreaming.”

~Sarah Downey, The “Getting you Organized” Consultant for Big Dreamers and Creative Types,


Lisa about her Super(S)hero:
“I heard that Elena was crafting Super(S)hero images for some gorgeous Ladies whom I know. When I looked at the images I was able to see their true beauty as if I was looking directly at their soul. Then one day I found myself in a bit of a rut, unable to see the value that I was sharing with the world. Elena captured my light and my strength. When I find myself starting to doubt my gift or feel like I am in a rut all I need to do is look at the beautiful image Elena created for me and I can see how brightly I shine. Xoxox. One of the best purchases ever!”
~Lisa Friedt



Haley about her Super(S)hero:

 “It was such a powerful experience to have Elena create my SuperShero for me. I keep it posted on my wall so I can remind myself about my strength when I am feeling self doubt. Elena’s artwork is inspiring, fun, and beautiful. I love looking at my Super(S)hero and reminding myself of my best qualities. It turned out amazing to see myself through Elena’s eyes. She did a great job capturing my essence in this character. I would highly recommend Elena to anyone who is feeling self doubt or who is looking for a visual representation of their essence. Thank you for everything, Elena.”

Haley McLeod



Allison about her Super(S)hero:

 “I hired Elena to create my own personalized Super(S)hero artwork when I was feeling unmotivated and resistant to stepping into the next level of my business.Having worked with Elena as one of my clients for the last 6 months I’ve gotten to know her really well. The passion, care and heart she puts into her work and clients made me feel really excited to have her create a piece for me.Her artwork is so much more than a drawing, painting or digital creation – it’s a piece that holds a frequency and vibration that anchors your soul’s desire and greatest intentions into reality.Having this piece of artwork at my work desk (and on my laptop screensaver) helps me to remember who I am and who I am stepping into being. I feel the energy of the piece lifts me up when I don’t feel like I have what it takes.Thanks Elena!”

~Allison Braun , The Business Joyologist,


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