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My life is soaked in my gift.

My gift is that I can clearly see your innate beauty and visualize it for you to reflect it back at you so that you can experience what you have forgotten about yourself.

What I am born for is to see through things, to see the essence, this bright shining light inside of everyone and everything, to perceive this primordial beauty. Discovering this beauty opens me up completely, connects me to my source so that I be love and eventually change everything I touch – no matter on which level or dimension – for the better through the high frequency of the infinite love flowing through me.

That has always been my dream, my essence, me, since early childhood and that is what guides me in all of my actions. That’s what lies at the core of my being.
During my teenage years and twenties I spent countless hours writing stories, lyrics and poems about it, I created complex comic books around series with this theme. The theme of transformation through love and light, through frequency and good intention, through unwavering positivity, core faith and vibrant joy.

I am crazy for the alchemistic process of evolving to the better and better, higher and higher. Getting brighter and purer through never ending development into the next step. I’ve always been hungry for growth and expansion, for knowing, learning and experiencing more.
Discovering the beauty of another and capturing it through art, speaking about dreams and getting them real, flying without boundaries in the sky of high vibrational thinking makes me burn like nothing else.

I share with you openly who I am and offer you to reflect yourself in me. Authentic, honest, true. With childlike glowing eyes, a passionately burning heart, contagious laughter, fascinated by our immense capacity for imagination and fantasy, full of infinite ideas, dreams, awe and wonder I walk through the world to learn more and more about how we create our reality and revel in the joy of the act of creation.

Dare to live. Dare to dream. To unfold, to be you. Be you and be in joy.



Where I come from

… is not important because I am here now, live the moment to consciously create the future with ease and fun. Once in a while I’ll share one of my countless stories in my blog with you.
But for now: Enjoy not knowing a lot about me but discovering the very moment with me, the delicious, unmatched experience of being and shifting to a place where time doesn’t matter anymore.



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