Passion (Create with me)

“It was fun. It was deep. It was easy. I am now anchored to my dream life, and I have total clarity on how to live it (not achieve it, live it). Thank you, Elena, for putting me back in touch with Me.” . Kimberly Lin Pollard .

I want to invite you to a creative journey of your choice with me. Please consider that all of my work is highly transformational and energetic. It further includes self-reflection from your side – you are joyfully involved in the process of creation.
I have a very clear concept about my soul mate client and whom I can serve best, so I don’t agree to work with everybody and will ask you to answer a couple of questions that will show me your energy before deciding. The more and clearer information you provide the better I’ll be able to feel if we’ll work well together.

As artist and working intuitively I need to feel inspired to translate vibration into images. I need to feel a strong bond between us, your passion and that you set me on fire. This is to ensure unimpeded energy flow between us which results in the best service you can get. My visions appear through emotions. If you honestly show me what you feel, I’ll be able to translate it for you into a picture. The picture will show as much of you as you allow me to see.

To save both of us precious time, ONLY apply if you feel deeply attracted my offers and to co-create with me. I only work with people who worship themselves and are ready to invest whatever it takes to reach where they want to be and who commit to get their dreams come true.
I also only work with people who are not afraid of spending money, being in the knowing that our currency is energy in physical shape that needs to flow joyfully to keep things in motion and life, physical creation as well as personal expression alive. Being in the knowing that what you spend on something that feels good is directly related to the wellbeing and growth you’re willing to let in to yourself. I’m interested in people who are eager to grow, to learn, to expand – with curiosity and joy. Who don’t hesitate to share themselves, to discover their hidden parts with me, who want to experience how to create life and reality.

Why do I deliberately choose the best for me? Because I want the very best for you. I can only give you my best when I feel at my best – then you’ll get all of me and more than you expect. Half commitments will leave both of us unsatisfied, which none of us wants. Dare to unpack your heart when you apply and give me all you have.

Much love! Elena  

Sacred Dream Journey |Transformational Session 1on1, withdrawing your attention from what is and focusing joyfully on what you want to be, active dreaming in the moment|

Super(S)hero |Artwork of your inner God or Goddess, your ideal self’s visualization radiating the essence of who you really are, of your spirit self|

Sacred Tattoo Journey |Depth design (& optional inking ritual) of your tattoo in alignment with your soul’s essence, loaded with meaning and purpose, creation of the symbol of your life|

Symbolize Your Passion |Birth of the optimal visual expression for your Corporate Identity anchoring all of your values and intentions as well as your business soul, symbolizing your passion|

Spirit Portrait |High vibrational artwork reflecting the soul shining through your physical appearance, visualization of your innate beauty and life force|  


Details for the offers are following, soon – the website is coming to life. For the current offers visit the specific pages. At the bottom of each page you’ll find an orange heart to apply for your personal offer. If you have questions coming up click Heart (Contact) and write me what’s on your heart and mind.  

“Elena’s artwork is inspiring, fun, and beautiful. I love looking at my Super(S)hero and reminding myself of my best qualities.” . Haley McLeod .

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