Sacred Dream Journey

“Dreaming with Elena is life changing.” . Lesley Stedmon .

|Transformational Session 1on1, withdrawing your attention from what is and focusing joyfully on what you want to be, active dreaming in the moment|

The Shamanic Dream Journey deals with co-creative active dreaming in the moment. Being in the very now, focusing on what you truly want, desire and dream of instead of what is. It is making your very first step to manifest your dream through thinking, feeling, visualizing and speaking it into reality.

I am the one that holds space for the impossible for you and helps you to raise your frequency to a level where you can open doors. The catalyst building the bridge between your dreams and your reality with you. The clarifying light that helps you to get to feeling joy within your dream and to invite it in through becoming it while we speak. With me you’ll get to open all your gates to have your desires step from your dream life into your real life – in your own pace, of course.

What you’ll get out of committing to dream intentionally on a regular basis exceeds my client’s expectations as my own ones as well. My clients speak of results like huge relief, inner peace, getting very grounded and still inside (to the place where all creation begins), being cleared, purified from false beliefs, sharpened knowing, anchoring into their vision, immense vibrational shifts through opening and showing themselves completely, confidence and trust in themselves and their path, re-connecting deeply with their core.

I’ll tell you more about it as this page’s content is filling.

It’s not easy to find an adequate translation into words as to describe the high energetic shift happening while conscious dreaming. But I’ll do my very best to word it for your best understanding. In the meantime let others speak:  

Let Lesley tell you about dreaming with me and how things unexpectedly shifted for her after our connection.


I love how Lisa describes her experiences dreaming with me.

  Are you eager to go on a journey to your inner wonderland with me? To discover wonder, light, boldness, miracles, strength and beauty? To come back purified and knowing? Yes? Then follow the orange heart now to apply for your Discovery Session with me. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you! Apply_Heart With all my love, Elena    

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