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“Working with Elena allows you to feel truly cared for, seen and understood.  She is gifted with the ability to see your true essence and beauty – even when you can’t – and then reflects it back to you with so much love that it really sinks in.”
. Allison Braun .


|High vibrational artwork reflecting the soul shining through your physical appearance, visualization of your innate beauty and life force|

What is so special about Spiritual Portrait Visualizations?

All of my art includes YOU. Because it is the beauty that I see in you which all my life inspired and inspires me to create. Because what drives me, moves me, excites me most of all is wanting you to see with MY eyes how extraordinarily beautiful YOU are.

I can see it, sense it, feel it, anytime I look at you.
For me it’s easy. For you – watching from the inside – mostly it isn’t.
Here arises my burning desire to reflect back at you which light you carry inside.

I want you to know your power and to stand in it.
I want you to see who you are at your core.
I want you to feel your true and eternal beauty.
I want you to unfold completely and to shine in your truth.
I want you to express your inside out, to create what you desire.
I want you to feel happy, free and alive, ready to fly.

As I don’t have words to translate your shining and as a picture is worth a million words, I dive into your soul and create your image as a reflection of your inside expressed in physical shape – as a radiant portrait of you and your inner self.
I draw you. I paint you. With my heart and hands in love for detail. I’m working passionately and intuitively using the frequency of colors to express the vibration of your soul, of your essence.

I want to have you see your own light. Badly.
Let me see you, shine for me and have me reflect it back at you in a unique and powerful way.

This is for you if you desire to be seen through and through. If you’re ready to perceive your own, unique beauty through vibrational expression and let it out, show it, stand for it. If you want to see, feel and express what you’re made of, how extraordinary you are, how powerfully you radiate in your very unique way. If you desire to reconnect deeply with yourself and anchor yourself in your truth. If you’re ready to turn your insides out. If you want to commit to a life time of expressing who you truly are with every fiber. If you want to perceive your highest frequency through artistic reflection. If you’re ready to step into your highest power, free your dreams and the magnificent you that you secretly are. If you’re ready for your big impact in the world.

You’ll get all of it.
Be vibrationally portrayed in vivid colors! Become your own eternal artwork! Fall in love with yourself! Be my muse!
Understand that such an artwork will take 20 to 50 hours of attention and love flowing into it depending on size, details and additions, not to speak of the energetic of tapping into your highest vibration and bringing it over into the physically visible.
Imagine what kind of a powerful and loaded thing you’ll get!
What you’ll really like and be touched by is the luxurious feeling about becoming art and the deep reflection of your essence through art. A completely new perspective of yourself, a profound energetic connection with your core which you’ll be able to see.

You’ll be surprised by how deep this will reach and evoke shifts in you. You’ll let me know afterwards and leave me once more in awe about the magic of creation.

I know you’ll love it because I know what others said. One of my most beautiful memories is a father who had me paint his daughter. When he saw the final artwork, shiny tears arose in his eyes and he said (still says): “That was one of the best decisions of my entire life.” I’ll never forget that. To see how his own heart unfolded while watching the artwork was incredible. His whole aura changed right in front of my eyes, his vibration raised to so much life.

I was given this gift of being able to perceive the untold beauty of others. Their essence. The essence of all what is physical. I started to teach myself how to draw portraits when I was three years old and worked obsessively for years on refining my techniques for depicting the invisible.
When I was a kid I thought I was weird because of perceiving in a multidimensional way and seeing for the eyes hidden things. Today I know that this is an immense gift. So I made it my purpose to capture this way of seeing in all I do and translating vibration in multiple ways.

Getting many requests I am choosing my clients well to ensure that you get the best results and that we’re having optimal energy flow between us, so I ask you to apply for a Discovery Session where we’ll get to know each other and feel into the chemicals between us. After having decided to create with you I’ll get back to you setting up the date for our Skype meeting. You’ll get your personal offer with our call and then our colorful adventure can begin.

Ready for your vibrant art experience? Excited for the journey? Committed to become the full expression of yourself?
Follow the orange heart and apply for your Discovery Session with me.


With all my love!



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