“If you are questioning what makes you special and needing a confidence boost or just a feeling that someone really cares, Elena is the perfect person to work with.  
In addition to that she has the ability of expressing that greatness of yours in the form of artwork that can go out in the world and let your potential clients see that greatness too. “
. Allison Braun .


|Artwork of your inner God or Goddess, your ideal self’s visualization radiating the essence of who you really are, of your spirit self|

The Personal Super(S)hero is a magical thing.

I discovered the power of visualization decades ago when I fancied and drew my own best version of myself – the person I wanted to become, I wanted badly to be. The one I secretly was when nothing on the outside hindered me to radiate my whole self. The one I dreamt to be always. The one that felt right and real inside. Simply the one I am. True, honest, authentic. Me.
The little sketch I created years ago helped me through struggles and hard times to find my way, to keep my goal in mind and to overcome self doubt. It shaped me and rooted me into my clear vision of who I am. I reminded me of my true self.

Remembering that a few months ago I decided to offer customized illustrations of Super(S)heroes. Instead of doing a mere, quick sketch I added vibrational colors as well as symbolic meaning according to what is important to you.
This artwork is meant to be a reminder of your strength and power as well as a stable anchor for your core values. It will give you the joy of self-recognition at any day and hope as well as an earthing effect on cloudy days.

What it will do for you during the process of creation is guiding you into you core to identify and bring your inner light out. It will take you on a journey to your self to face your mirror and see who you are.
You will come back with clarity, confidence, rooted in the knowing of yourself and a picture that speaks of what you’ve discovered at your core.
I’ll help you to sharpen what you can only see blurry yourself and create an eternal reminder for you to call upon your power whenever you desire.
Our co-creation has the potential to raise your frequency to a level of full alignment – given the premise that you really want to go there, as no one can walk for you. I can only create a tool with you to reach there.
As my clients say, a very powerful tool with astonishing effect. But words don’t teach, you have to experience it yourself to feel it.

I do not promise that you’ll stay in high frequency all the time – as no one does – but I assure you that it’s much easier to find the way back there once you’ve done the journey and created the gateway. Imagine it like engraving a new road inside your brain for thoughts to flow through. A road filled with your strength, light, belief and invincibility. The more often you walk this road the more you become your very best self.
I will guide you to your inner light, bring your essence out with you to the surface and to anchor it firmly in a visual that you can use to recall your power anytime you want and need it.

Are you attracted to realizing your full power in depth and stepping into your whole?
Do you want to create a gateway to your confidence and self-trust, sealing it with a visual as a reminder of your path?
Are you intrigued by creating a firm bond between you and your spirit self to walk with strength in your unique manner?
Do you desire feeling your capacity to shine powerfully and radiate your inner light in a for others visible way?
Do you want to be self-expressed fully in everything you do?
Do you want to think, feel and act in alignment with your core beliefs and your true you?

Then embarking on the journey to get your hero or heroine out into the material world through art is what you want. This unique piece of art serves as a radiant anchor for reminding you of and using the light of your inner core. It will help you to evolve consciously into who you are, to express yourself and to speak and live your truth boldly.
It will show you permanently how beautiful and unique you are and tell you that your gifts are to be shared, your voice is to be heard, your power is to be used to create the best you can imagine.

Take my invitation!
Come on the journey to discover what lies inside of you and get it visible.

Click the orange heart and apply for the materialzation of your hero / heroine!

With all my love,

“Elena captured my light and my strength. One of the best purchases ever!”
. Lisa Friedt .


Super(S)hero Gallery

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