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|Birth of the optimal visual expression for your Corporate Identity anchoring all of your values and intentions as well as your business soul, symbolizing your passion|

Symbolizing your passion¬†is more than a logo. It deals with the intention, soul and purpose of your business and you, caring about what you want to express, how you want to express it and whom you want to reach with it. Merging all of the different pieces into one symbol that reflects the part of your essence you chose to let flow into your business. It is created with awareness and stuffed with personal meaning tailored to a person’s unique passion.

What you get is your Corporate Identity. The image or symbol that defines and radiates your business soul in depth. I dive deeply into what you want to share with the world, asking you many questions that directly lead to understanding every bit of what you want to radiate with what you offer. This brings a lot of clarity for you and me. It also asks you to sharpen your intentions and dig deep which can reveal and transform quite a bit of your patterns.
Eventually I create the perfect gown for what you want to perform – with you and for you. I’ll find the right shape that speaks of your philosophy, your essence and your potential. I’ll find the right colors to match the vibration of what you offer. An image for your passion to make visible the ideas you have in mind.

I work intensely with you, not superficially. Be prepared for quite an adventurous ride! Ready to rock your business outfit in a playful, yet deep way? Ready to find the perfect expression of what you do? Ready to get visible? Click the orange heart and apply for a Discovery Session where we talk about details.



With all my love,

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