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Welcome to my soul…

I am Elena, passionate, burning Artist, Picture Sorceress and Shamanic Dream Guide.
What that means?

It means that I express the gift I have in various ways. The result may appear as a piece of art like a drawing . painting . poetry . writing . a customized illustration or design – as a visualization of your ideal self . a glorious robe for your passion (business) . a deeply meaningful artwork for your skin…
– or as taking you on a Shamanic Dream Journey.

In fact, everything I do takes you on a journey, on an experience. I don’t sell you primarily a result – tough through the experience you inevitably get way better results than you might expect.
I offer you joyful time bringing you directly into the Now . a profound dive into yourself . a divine moment of perceiving, touching and expressing your essence through connecting to your true You.
I have you discover and word your truth and reconnect with who you really are, step into your higher self and bring your unique light to the surface.
I invite you to reflect yourself purely and honestly with everything I am. I invite you to be totally open, bold and true and to perceive your inner core beauty.

I’m not interested in your masks that you pull on to impress the world, neither in your various disguises to hide from it, nor in your stories of yesterday that you might use as excuse for not being you.
I want to see through your veils and facades right to your core. I want to see all your so called flaws and watch who you are in all naked truth. I want to see your wholeness. Your black and white with all shades in between. I want to have all your colors emerging from there, your origin. Your Now. Your current moment(um).
Because now is the only moment that we (can) consciously create all that which we desire.
Invite me in, then I see who you become and guide you gently to clarifying self-perception.

I want to hear about your big dreams, to get to know the places where your soul speaks and your heart beats in full capacity, where you feel most blissful, free and alive.
I spend time for you and with you feeling your innate joy.
I want to know your authentic You – the one that carries the sun and knows the path and the truth – as to reflect it back at you.
I want to have you focus on what you want instead of what is, I want you to actively speak your dreams into reality, to build with you the bridge between your fantasy and your life, to create with you what your heart speaks about.
I want you to be FREE. I want you to be YOU. I want you to BE.

And then I want you to go out in the world and to shine it as loud as you can.

With love,


“I am flowing, dancing, bubbling energy, I am life in purest expression and so is my art. And so becomes everything I touch.”

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