Healing is the process of realising that you are whole. There is nothing falling into place that is missing, we only adjust your focus of perspective leading into sensing your own wholeness while calling your soul into your senses.

I provide a container for you to unfold fearlessly and freely, to fall into yourself and express who you truly and genuinely are. Recognise, shape and refine your knowing of your essence, anchor it in consciousness and express it in refined ways as it suits you best.

Offering this safe (energetic) space for you, I invite you to get into deeper touch with yourself – to feel the real inner you, explore and express yourself fully in your momentary appearance. I walk with you into you – while you connect with your heart-space and give your heart a voice to speak its desires and truths openly and bravely.

What matters most to me is your path into heart-centredness, truth and authentic expression, the alignment with the deepest momentary expression of You through feeling yourself without creating boundaries within.

Eliciting and cultivating truest, honest self-expression, uniting heart and mind you will live from your soul while you fall into yourself and merge into one being. Which naturally leads into activating your creative power.

You are being guided to re-connect and awaken to yourSelf through clarification, getting into closer touch with intuition, conscious dreaming and igniting imagination.

It is a process of mirroring your truth leading into recognition and eventually self-realisation in all bodies.

Recognise, feel and embrace – hence integrate – all of your emotions, your hidden shadows, your unwanted inner children – lift the veil, come to peace with your aspects, activate your creative power, realise your purpose and calling, step into your power, knowing and potential, give your soul a voice, learn how to express yourself fully, practice consciousness, realise how to use your mind as to visualise and manifest, build an intimate relationship to yourSelf, take a profound dive into yourself and finally birth your own empowered universe.

 Realising yourself has multiple aspects touching upon all of your bodies of being: recognising, consciously experiencing, embodying and expressing yourself in your truth and authenticity. The internal and external process of coming in line with who you are in essence.

We work on balancing all of these aspects so that you realise and stabilise your presence and wholeness, creating a bridge between your spirit-being and your physical-being.

We don’t treat symptoms. What we do is core-transformation, multilayered in-depth transformation affecting all areas of your life. While you learn how to embody your self-realisation.

We develop and practice: self-recognising, self-realising, self-expressing, alignment (merging mind, heart and soul) and frequency (deliberately choosing what we radiate, hence attract).

Realising self always continues into deeper levels of awareness – infinitely – as long as we choose to walk the polar plane. The deeper you reach, the more subtle your senses will learn how to perceive which then circles back to how you radiate.

I continuously guide you with deciphering/decoding your(current)self and learning how to shape and evolve the Self consciously.

You discover who you momentarily are, how you reflect yourself, what your truth is, where your path leads you and get to comprehend and influence the flow of life.

  • Multidimensional self-realisation embodiment of and into the love that you are.
  • Feel yourself and come into your senses to express your soul.
  • The circle of spirit into matter and back into spirit ∞ ad infinitum
  • The three parts of conscious reflection: I, You, Us (I & You)
  • Becoming conscious of the interlacing of individual and surrounding reality