A tattoo is an initiation. A pathway on your soul journey during you being focused on individual personality. It symbolises you, closes circles of lifetime experiences and opens new chapters. It literally is visible self-realisation.

Ink under your skin stays with you as a symbol of integration and strength, of perception and acceptance of who you are, what you walked through and who you intend to grow into – of all that matters deeply to you, of your values, your core, of you.

The pain during the inking process serves as a catalyst to let go of outdated patterning – at times to the depth of releasing trauma – and open the doors of your heart for receiving that which you have been asking for while integrating all of who you truly are. Building a more profound relationship with yourself through openly relating to the pain and enduring it with awareness will not only give you more strength and confidence but connect your consciousness with all your bodies on all levels of your existence – which guides you to your personal next level into deeper self-awareness.

It is a calling-in of your higher self, your full potential and deliberately becoming whole during the process. It is like a profound meditation, applying strong focus, getting into the role of the observer while being physically challenged, using the power of breathing to open all your energy centres and tapping into the full stream of life through surrendering to what you chose to happen.

Getting a tattoo with intention, using it as a tool of soul expansion, is highly transformational. It will change your life because you will become more full and whole through letting more of you in. Because you are watching hidden parts of yourself and integrating shadow and light experiences consciously. Because you are opening fully to let go old and receive new.

We don’t only work on your physical body but also on your mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

It is not an easy journey and it’s not necessarily meant to be easy – because we value things that we fight for most. Things that make us expand and grow. As this is the essence of life.

A tattoo the way I see it is meant to be a process of alchemy transforming you into more of your inner gold. Pain that we take on willingly purifies.

I’ll ask you questions that lead you into your own depth and I’ll take time to understand and see what is really you and what makes you unique – where your personal beauty lies, where your full potential is rooted. Because this is what I want you to see and get into the visible. It’s your inner light that I want for you to shine on your skin for every following breath you take.

Your tattoo shall be an anchor of your own light that illuminates your personal path which you are walking on and discovering during this life. It shall remind you that you are always and in all ways whole within yourself.

I want it to be a symbol that re-connects you with yourself, your own power, your purpose, your potential, your faith, your core confidence and your gratitude for your life’s journey anytime. It shall be a gateway to your source.

If you’re interested in creating with me, please get in touch and give me some more information about you to see if we both match energetically for this sacred journey and then let’s talk more about your visions.

  • Come with me on a Sacred Tattoo Journey…

To discover the image that reflects perfectly your soul’s essence. Side by side we walk into your core – lifting veil by veil – to discover where your heart beats and what for.

Together we shape the lines that form your personal symbol of life and purpose, carrying your values before we initiate the ritual of bringing it to life under your skin.

  • Follow the challenge of a Freeflow Tattoo Journey…

Which apply neither pre-design nor stencils but carries the spirit of art made in the moment of two souls meeting and translating their connection of essence into a visible image that you’ll carry for a lifetime. It is high-frequency art magic

  • Choose your Heart Frequency Pre-design…

If your time or funds a limited or you cannot see your own design clearly – and you find a design among my channelled creations that you feel fitting like a glove, come on an ink journey with me.