Love… is everything.

Everything I live for, everything I’m here for. To feel love, to share love, to be love. In all its various shapes and facets. All my life I’ve been discovering faces of love, and recently I realized that it all comes down to the love I feel for my own existence, my own being. The more open I am myself, the more love comes in, flows through me, as gently as powerfully.

Finally all this love gets reflected in the world around me. It doesn’t only bring more loving people and kinder gestures in my life but also lets appear the surrounding softer, colors brighter. It gives me a sensitivity that is beyond any word I could use to explain it.

It also brings knowledge. It brings connection… to everything that is. If you are in the frequency of purest love you know the whole universe. You know that you are the universe. And that you find it by going deep inside of yourself, to the smallest piece you can find there. Reaching this grain of sand inside of you suddenly opens up the world and you become one with all.

You find connection to everything by deeply connecting to yourself, to the smallest particle of the smallest cell in your body. Enlightenment comes from within and it is realizing that the only thing to do for you is to be completely here, in the physical world, in your temple. It’s not found by escaping the body but by diving into it… deeper… and deeper…

All at once every word, every thought becomes needless… because you open up to a knowing and understanding that just is without needing the translation of language to reach you. Time and space disappear so that all becomes simultaneous. You stop perceiving duality and instead start perceiving the whole – all at the same time. Every answer is right beside every question – no thought needed anymore.

I’ve never experienced something more fulfilling, beautiful and peaceful. When this happens the world becomes transparent and shines in a light I wish I could describe. All that remains for me to think in those moments is: I wish, I wish, I could make you see what I see and let you feel what I feel… I just wish this light and immense love to be perceivable for everyone.

Because it’s home. <3


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