To be completely human (and embodied) is the most difficult challenge – the hardest to achieve – that we have created for ourselves so far. Because it’s not the nature of spirit, it is a game spirit/we plays/play to explore (and entertain) itself/ourselves.

To go back to source is easy and a natural yearning. It happens quickly and effortlessly as soon as we withdraw our attention from being focused in the body or get distracted from our focus. It also happens when we are not focused well enough to keep our bodies in good condition to last for a long while.

But to stay here requires courage and to live fully and deeply is our challenge…

It is to conquer all fear, to explore what we didn’t experience this way before. To taste what we miss and to create something different from it while being physical ourselves is what makes us come more alive.

It’s not coming home that makes experience so delicious, it is the journey. Coming home feels exquisite after a journey, yes, but not for long until the next journey calls. Now it’s a matter of taking home onto the journey to go deeper and travel longer.

Every enlightened being on this planet knows this and every other being remembers it, too. Because we’re all drops of the same ocean of existence.

August 24th, 2014