I can just emphasise again:

Don’t think, assume and expect that the world will or has to shape according to your desires and expectations. It won’t do so. Unless you are clear enough to see through everything and all of yourself so that there are no hidden parts anymore interfering with your current focus – which equals being fully conscious. Which also wouldn’t quite be a human condition anymore.

People go to war because they think they know better or best. Best for whom?, I ask you. Who are you to judge for another or an entire nation or the whole world? To judge from such a limited perspective resulting from a mind’s point of view neither considering the greater webwork beneath it all nor genuinely understanding where and how perspectives originate.

It’s up to you to shake yourself awake and see the lessons – meaning understandings – in what circumstances present you as reflection of yourself. Defining what you need or want to integrate – be you aware of it or not.

As your shapes are manifold, layered and infinite, I can promise you that you won’t reach the point of getting it all through the mind’s filters as long as you are here.

Getting it would mean to dissolve physically. Because (the perception of) physicality naturally dissipates beyond the mind – as it isn’t needed any longer once the mind is transcended. That, however, would deny your reason for being here (in physical focus) in the first place.

You’re not here to change the world or others. You’re not here to shape the world or others according to your desires or your current knowing. You’re here to define yourself, to know yourself – through the mirror of an intricate physical complex.

You’re not here to rule the world or another. You’re here to learn how to rule yourself – and lastly bow to yourself.

And you will do so once you realise who you really are.

Life isn’t about conquering or teaching or educating. It’s about exploring. Most of all yourself.

July 16th, 2019